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Corporate Wellbeing

Health & Fitness


💜 Day Courses

💜 Morning Sessions

💜 Lunchtime Sessions

💜 Afternoon Desk Breaks

Are you a business that is looking to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees?


Are you an HR manager for a company looking to provide fitness sessions online for your work colleagues?


Do you work for a company who would be interested in looking after their staff, their physical health, their mental well-being?

I provide a range of different massage, fitness and wellbeing sessions...

➡️ Massage

➡️ Stretch & Mobility

➡️ Pilates & Posture

➡️ Indian Head Massage

➡️ Circuits


➡️ Low Intensity Fitness

➡️ Cardio

➡️ Resistance Training

What is Corporate Massage?

Corporate massage is fast becoming a requirement, rather than a luxury. Subsequently, this is due to ever rising workplace stress and tension.


The workplace is a fast paced competitive environment where the staff members are pushed to their mental and physical limits every day.

Subsequently, keeping your staff in excellent health both mentally and physically has never been more important.

I'm here to help!

Please get in touch to discuss options and bespoke packages for your workplace.


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