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AG Fitness Testimonials


Amazing instructor, so motivational, encouraging you to really push yourself as far as you can go. All her classes are great.

I've done several of Andrea's classes TOTAL RESULTS, TOTALLY SHREDDED & CLUBBERCISE & all are brilliant. She gives 150% and it makes you work harder without realising it. She's a fab fitness instructor but is also motivational and supportive. Give one of her classes a try, she has options for all levels of fitness, the classes are fun and varied. I had no fitness at all when I started Total Results & Clubbercise now I try and keep up with her.

Amazing instructor with so much energy which really helps everyone to push themselves but to their own level. She incorporates all fitness levels into all classes. So everyone can do it. She has a way of making you want to work and be the best you can!! Her classes are the best around!!

Fab classes, Andrea always manages to get that extra 5%. But we love her for it!! Give TOTALLY SHREDDED a try!!



I can’t recommend this class enough!!! It’s just so much fun!! You don’t even realise you’re exercising. Definitely a top class with an awesome instructor.

What can I say? I’ve been going to Clubbercise for a few months now!!! I love it!! I’m a personal trainer & I couldn’t recommend this class enough. I do lots of running & events & I truly believe that this class has improved my fitness alongside the work I do myself. Andrea Gaynor is an amazing instructor, her directions are clear & easily understood so I would like to say thankyou for your energy & enthusiasm week in & week out!!

One of the best classes I have ever done!! Such good fun & I was a disgusting sweaty mess at the end of it!!! 😊

All I can say is I’m CLUBBERCISED……It’s so much fun but you work as hard as you are able. I am now hooked on twice a week & I love the results. It’s like a night out with friends. I love my lessons & Andrea is an amazing instructor!!!

It’s fun, it’s colourful it’s brilliant!! Andrea is extremely motivating.

You must try this class …I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!

BEST CLASS EVER & Andrea Gaynor is a true legend. Amazing instructor xxx

Was nervous on my first class but I need not of been worried!! Andrea made us feel very welcome from the start & now we go twice a week 😊 So if you haven’t tried it get down & try it!! Amazing energy & such a fab atmosphere & a fab instructor. All in all it’s just fantastic!!

First time last night, totally hooked! I loved it!

Can't get through the week without this class! I love it. The atmosphere, tunes, routines and Andrea Gaynor = a fun but effective workout. All levels of fitness can do this. Definitely clubbing without the hangover and a bit more sweaty. Try it!

Absolutely hooked on Clubbercise ! So motivational with everybody pumping and Andrea is so bubbly she keeps the party alive.



So that's it 4 TOTAL RESULTS courses completed .. time to go it alone. To be honest I mainly knew what to do after one course food and exercise wise but I didn't want to leave the group! Plus I knew Andrea would miss my mammoth weekly food/mood diaries that I found really helped me. Not everyone uses them and that's fine to. It's also a great class plus I found the facebook group helpful to and motivating!

The thing about Total Results is it's not just a weekly weigh in which could drastically change day by day anyway. It's about tools and support to give you overall loss of inches, lifestyle and mindset with a real team effort and support network. It's not competitive and people do the course for different reasons, not everyone is wanting to lose loads of inches yet they still benefit because it's for a healthier you in all areas.

In 8 months I've lost 35 inches, over 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, (3 in some things)!  The unexpected thing is I enjoyed it. Obviously it helped I could see the results and that everyone is so welcoming. My mindset is different now about looking after myself, 'clean' eating was a revelation to me and really isn't that difficult. I actually eat full fat cheese, yoghurt, nuts etc and cook lovely meals but still lost 5 inches from my waist 6.5 inches off my hips and 7 off my bum!!

Before I started on my quest to lose weight and get fit I felt lethargic and sometimes just miserable. I was the heaviest I'd ever been and maybe I'd lost a bit of 'me' to. Now I've more energy and exercising makes me feel better. It's not like I'll never eat cake again, but I love exercising now and feel my fitness levels increasing still. I can actually genuinely nail a class and I can do proper push ups. I was so unfit this is a massive achievement for me.

Andrea is fantastic at what she does and genuinely wants people to get the best out of themselves. The fact she runs fantastic classes in addition to Total Results is a bonus. I'm a real advocate of hers as I know that it's her support and knowledge that has got me this far. It's not a faddy diet where you stop and you put weight back on it's an actual 'normal' way of eating and living. If you've been following the
page thinking about making changes, go for it, contact her. She's one of the loveliest, caring and most energetic 🙈people I've ever met and unfortunately for her she's now stuck with me popping up at her classes every week! ❤️️

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